Housing in Battersea

I know how important housing is to residents in Battersea.

That's why, I wanted to tell you about some of the fantastic progress we have made in supporting renters, building more homes, getting people on the housing ladder and preventing homelessness in Battersea.

New homes in Battersea

We are creating 1000 new homes in the local area with 14 already complete who have welcomed their new owners. 60% of these new homes will be for sale or rent to people on low to middle incomes, making sure that everyone has somewhere they can call home.

Local mum, Sheerena Miller said "this new home has really given us an opportunity to start a fresh. There is a lot of space for the kids to play, I have my own little garden and a driveway to park my car. It is perfect for us.”

Local Battersea residents and workers are our priority, and we are dedicated to helping over 4000 local people achieve their aspiration to owning their own home. 

Click here to find out more about the Council's home ownership initiative.

Supporting renters and leaseholders

Did you hear that last year we helped to improve over 350 rented homes last year?

We know how frustrating it can be when you are privately renting, and so we not only intervened to improve 386 properties last year, but we also introduced a Tenant’s Champion to help private renters with any issues they are facing. 

Preventing Homelessness

Nobody deserves to sleep on the street. That’s why, in Battersea we are working with the Government to help eliminate rough sleeping. We have been awarded over £500,000 to spend on a personalised and targeted approach to help people get back into decent accommodation.

We work with local organisations, such as SPEAR who help supporting people into accommodation, jobs and training.

If you want to report seeing a person sleeping rough contact:

Street Link London Street Rescue 0300 500 0914

St Mungo's No Second Night Out 0203 856 6000


Please share your views about housing with me with this short survey

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Pet-friendly Housing policies

Kim achieved the RSPCA Diamond Award for her signficant contribution to our pet-friendly Housing.

Building More Homes

We need to build MORE homes. 

Kim is leading the Council's ambitious plans to build 1000 homes on their own land.

We need to build more AFFORDABLE homes.

60% of these homes will be affordable for people on low or average incomes.