Residents' Survey

This survey is to help me make sure I am working on your priorities for Battersea. Please do take a couple of minutes to fill in the survey below.

Kim Caddy Residents' Survey

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1.1. Which three of these local issues do you think should be prioritised?
Check THREE boxes only.
1.2. Making sure regeneration investment works for Battersea residents is a huge priority for me. Which two of the following would you most like to see?
Check TWO boxes only.
1.3. I think protecting and improving our environment for ourselves and future generations is really important. What are your local environmental priorities? (Tick 3)
Check THREE boxes only.
1.5. Which of these is most important to you when it comes to the provision of housing in Battersea? (Tick all that apply)
1.6. I am keen to support our local high streets and town centres, what two things do you think will help most?
Check TWO boxes only.