Wandsworth Council is the best in London at reviving empty homes.

Research reveals which borough is best at tackling empty homes

 Wandsworth Council is the best in London at reviving empty homes.

Wandsworth is better than any other London borough at getting its empty homes filled – and can count itself amongst the best in the country.

Pet-friendly Housing policies

Kim achieved the RSPCA Diamond Award for her signficant contribution to our pet-friendly Housing.

More jobs for Battersea

Kim opened the new Work Match office in the Winstanley/York Rd area to ensure local people benefit from regeneration schemes.

The scheme has created over 100 jobs so far.

Let's tackle the Climate Crisis!

Wandsworth Council is leading the way on environmental issues. The Council is committed to becoming the greenest inner London Borough by being carbon neutral by 2030 and a zero-emission council by 2050.

Join my campaign to bring MORE TRAINS to Battersea

With your support we successfully campaigned to save the No.19 bus.

With your support we successfully campaigned to keep the frequency of trains at Queenstown Road Station.

Now with your support we will bring MORE TRAINS to Battersea Park Station.

Building More Homes

We need to build MORE homes. 

Kim is leading the Council's ambitious plans to build 1000 homes on their own land.

We need to build more AFFORDABLE homes.

60% of these homes will be affordable for people on low or average incomes.

Making Communities Safer

Kim successully lobbied the Council to create a brand-new community Drug and Alcohol centre to help tackle residents' concerns about local Crime and Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB).

Local police will use the centre as a base for their 'drop-in' sessions.

Pubs continue to thrive in Wandsworth

The Mayor of London’s report compiled in August, shows that the borough is one of a handful in inner London helping to drive a rise in pub numbers.

New homes in Battersea

Our ambitious and innovative Council programme to build 1000 homes on our own land is progressing at pace with 14 homes now complete, 174 under construction and nearly 50% of the homes at advanced feasibility stage or further.